Secrets of poker strategy

Secrets of poker strategy

Quite often on poker forums, you can read about professionals who regularly win five and six-figure sums without a try. We can see the portrait of such a super player, raking in a mountain of money, drinking Martini. But along with that comes the question, “How is he different from me and what does he know that I don’t?” These are the questions we will try to answer in this article.

Who is an amateur and who is a professional: spot the difference?

An amateur is a person who plays poker 1-3 times a week, mostly at night, choosing the most suitable poker rooms. He has the main source of income and can’t devote much time to the game. Such a player makes profit in poker, and sometimes goes into “minus”.

A professional poker player is the only source of income that is why he gives all his time to the game.

Statistical Data You Need To Know

Thanks to such data, you can see the real statistics of poker tournaments and the percentage of winnings of professionals.

And the statistics are as follows:

  • Top professionals actually win at least 1% of the time, that is, out of a hundred tournaments held, only once it is possible to win;
  • Such professionals reach the final table only 3% of the time;
  • They become winners 13% of the time, and 87% of the time they lose.
  • What is interesting is that amateurs win more often, but professional players win big sums more often.

What is the secret of professionals?

The main secret of their good luck is the ability to close tournaments. Thanks to this, professionals made $400,000 profit in eight months of 2010!

See for yourself:

  • professionals reach the final table 30% more often than amateurs;
  • These players make it to the top three 43.61% of the time;
  • If they make it to the final table, the professionals reach the final table twice as often;
  • these players make it to the top three 3 times more often than amateurs.

And finally, of course, the volume of the game is important: professional players play poker all day long and every day.

Number of tables

It is recommended to step out of your comfort zone and increase the number of tables. This, firstly, will mean that you play more poker combinations and, secondly, it will allow you to raise your game level and gain more experience.

Number of game days

For starters, add one more day of online poker. Don’t be lazy, even one such day will bring you tangible benefits.

Play only to win. Herein lies another secret of professionals: as the finals approach, they start playing tighter. In order to win big money you need to play bigger, but also trust your intuition.

Even if you don’t succeed right away, don’t feel bad: the best players don’t always win, either. The main principle here is volume!

Try to follow our recommendations and good luck at the table!

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